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  1. Please stay safe people... At least till 14th... Do not heed to rumors & talk about it without verify...

  2. Add your birthday to your profile

    Let people know when the big day arrives.

  3. While you were away...

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      Telangana is leaving no stone unturned to be the global startup destination, driven everyday. Kudos to

    2. Interaction with Congress party leaders in Davangere. Various issues regarding org & district issues were discussed.

    3. It was great to be at the today. seems to have great tech that can replace traditional methods

    4. Fruitful interactions at the 1st Coordination committee meeting at KPCC.Discussed many issues regarding govt & party

    5. Don't focus too much on apps, focus on Web too. People are not downloading apps. - Taral Shah

    6. Comemorating Dr Radhakrishnan & honouring teachers at 'Teacher's Day' function in my constituency.

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      : As A Preventive Measure CrPC Is Imposed In Bengaluru City From 1700 Hours Today

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  4. InMobi’s founder Naveen Tewari on the challenges of building a world-class co.

  5. Vehicles are being burnt in , but shud TV channels show the dramatic live visuals repeatedly and spark more trouble?

  6. [Startup of the day] Three IIT-IIM alumni build Darwinbox for the evolution of HR universe

  7. Enthusiastic response to Millet & Organic Mela at Cubbon Park. Nearly 5000 people flock post-inauguration.

  8. With its zero-commission investment platform, shows why they have a winning idea

  9. [Startup of the day] Two geeky engineers from the USA make money by helping operators

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      Stay calm. We are Indians first.

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  11. Copy of the letter written to the hon'ble Prime Minister of India seeking his urgent intervention

  12. CAUVERY ISSUE EXPLAINED: This map graphic explains why the issue has triggered the

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  14. There will always be a dilemma whether to go for operational efficiency or customer experience. -

  15. For selling SaaS products, u either have to save ur customer's time or money. - of

  16. now people will be walking around with "Bluetooth Headsets" in both ears :P

  17. SOCIAL BEGGARY: This Ponnappa gives a hilarious twist to :)

  18. Had great interactions with start ups at CoE for IoT. Some interesting things are cooking up here

  19. 90% of Aymee’s collections are sold within an hour of listing, through Sellfie. You can too

  20. As you expand it is important to get like-minded people who have the same passion. -

  21. Build your infrastructure at the same pace as you build products. - Prabhakar Jayakumar

  22. While the world celebrates on the 15th Oct, India celebrates it on the 5th Sep. Do you know why?

  23. Banks are working closely with companies for innovations and customer solutions. - Sameer Garg

  24. We are accusing Karnataka govt to instigate this violence against Tamil people: Thirumurugan Gandhi, TN activist

  25. Tannery Road diversion plan by for Eid prayers tmrw. Wish all a peaceful festival.

  26. Superb! 47 foot Blue Whale rescued off Konkan coast, successfully pushed into deeper waters.

  27. More women are going to colleges every year but they are not joining the workforce.

  28. Due to on going Cauvery Protest Blr-Mysr highway roads have been blocked at Ramanagara & Mandya dist.

  29. Due to ongoing Kaveri protest at Domuluru Water tank Jn. Kindly use alternate routes.

  30. CM will lay the foundation stone for establishing Madivala Lake as a Biodiversity Park & Agara Lake rejuvenation.

  31. 1,033.63 MILLION MOBILE PHONE SUBSCRIBERS IN INDIA! Landline: 25.22 Million. Here's more, state-wise.

  32. ಶುಬೋಧಯ. ಇಂದು ಹಾರ್ನ್ ಬಳಸದೆ ಇರುವ ಸೋಮವಾರ ಆದಷ್ಟು ಹಾರ್ನ್ ಬಳಸದಿರಿ. GM. It's NO Honking Monday. Please Avoid Honking.

  33. Water on railway platforms unfit to drink, has bacteria found in human excreta

  34. Youngest participant at , this 12-yr-old has built(w/ his father) hack to give & evaluate detailed answers.

  35. Protestors feel that the new definition of "Manipur people" disadvantages the hill tribes.

  36. Join in the celebrations of the biggest festival in Kerala on Spirit of India: Onam, tomorrow at 9P.

  37. "While building product ur path will be easier if you go after a problem for a narrowly-defined audience"

  38. "Outside the Churachanpur Police station, protestors painted figures of the fallen."

  39. TAR SHEETS: BBMP laying weather-proof tar sheets on Richmond Circle flyover, . 2 b used in 7 more flyovers

  40. ‘Rajiv Gandhi came under pressure from Narasimha Rao, Najma Heptulla during Shah Bano’

  41. In Manipur, conflict over the inner line permit continues. Vivek Singh in Vantage:

  42. Been a while spotted a . Here's one snapped by follower Ashutosh Baghel, a software professional.

  43. On a Sunday, presents a Jaguar landing from his priceless collections. Photo: Kedar Karmakar

  44. Karnataka Govt has filed a modification petition in the SC & Cauvery Supervisory Committee.

  45. Good Morning BTP Friends . It's a Sunday & hope you'll get time to understand these traffic symbols.

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